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FREE 20 minute consultation


The free 20 minute consultation only applies to family law, Intervention Order and general law enquiries. Commercial law, wills/probate and conveyancing appointments require pre-booking and will incur the standard fees charged at the hourly rate of $350.00 plus GST.


All appointments, whether via the free 20 minute offer or otherwise, are subject to a conflict check, adequate identification of the client (photo identification will be required) and an initial assessment of the legal issue to determine suitability of the firms expertise to assist you.


SLG does not warrant or guarantee the availability of free appointments. The free 20 minute appointments are subject to initial screening via telephone to assess the suitability or availability of relevant services offered by the firm. SLG determination as to availability or suitability is final and based on the firms staffing and capabilities to offer the requested/required service.


You take responsibility to ensure your matter falls within the category of Family Law, Intervention order and general law. If you have any doubts or questions please contact the SLG reception to confirm availability and/or suitability of your matter.




Please be aware all appointments are subject to a conflict check and require the full name of any other party or entity to which the legal advice is sought.

If for any reason a conflict arises after an appointment is booked or is discovered during an appointment, Southern Legal Group will need to end its involvement in the matter.


Please note the booking of an appointment, screening of potential clients and/or an initial telephone conversation do not constitute legal advice and therefore do not lead to you being classified as a client of the firm.




We are required to adequately identify all potential clients. The Southern Legal Group policy requires photo identification be produced at your first appointment and the staff will obtain a copy for our records. All information collected is subject to our privacy policy and subject to professional privilege.


If we are unable to adequately identify potential clients, we may have to refuse service or cancel any appointment.





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